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Within the turn-key service referred to ventilated walls and raised technical floors offered by Granitech, Safety of laying is not neglected. Thanks to the Workplace Safety Manager profile, the control and safety activities according to Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and by Legislative Decree no. 106/09 and subsequent amendments and additions are applied on a continuous and effective basis.
The Safety Manager/Co-ordinator checks the site documentation, interfacing constantly with the Safety Co-ordinator for the Site Set-up Stage and, also, taking part in creation of the operational safety plans and checking the documentation indicated in Annexes XVII and XV of Legislative Decree no. 81/08, as well as carrying out direct periodical surveillance at the site during the installation stage.

These checks are carried out in the form of unannounced spot checks at the chosen work site or checks scheduled on the basis of the needs of the sites. These checks have the purpose of identifying and eliminating any upsets that might cause damage to property or harm to persons by avoiding possible accidents at the workplace involving the personnel to whom the works for installing the two systems are entrusted, by investigating the working conditions, behaviour during the various stages of work, the temporary works present on site, the equipment and all the Personal Protection Equipment and collective protection equipment used by the personnel working on the installation.

Upon completion of these activities, the Co-ordinator will prepare the reports and notices concerning the checks carried out, informing the appropriate profiles at the site and keeping them up-dated, in line with normal activities of reciprocal information and co-operation.

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