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DE CASTILLIA 23 - Unipol Group

Project data
Category: Offices and Industries
Tipology: Ventilated Façade
System: GHV  
Mq: 7000 m²
Size: 1200X526 mm
Brand: Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

This project is “an avant-guard and sustainable architectural complex”, as the architect Massimo Roj, CEO of Progetto CMR, claims. ACTIVE surfaces, used both for the façades and for the flooring of balconies and outdoor areas,depended on the aesthetic beauty and durability of this material over time and its anti-pollution features. Laboratory calculations show that 16,088 square metres (12,917 square feet) of ACTIVE SURFACES panels installed on a façade are able to offset 59 kg/year of nitrogen oxide, equivalent to over 200,000 sq. m. of green space, bringing huge benefits for those who live in the building and in the neighbourhood. That is why De Castillia 23 has earned itself the nickname of “smog-eater”.

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