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A. Surface finish

1. porcelain stoneware slabs: form the upper layer of the walking surface and are the main components of the system. they are the part directly visible, bearing the stresses. For this reason, when choosing the finish, it is necessary to consider not only its aesthetic value but also the characteristics of the environment concerned and its intended use. Porcelain stoneware combines aesthetic values with excellent physical and mechanical properties.

2. slab edging: it creates a uniform joint between the various panels and between the slabs assembled on each panel, gives better adherence and contact between panels and reduces the stresses between the various slabs absorbing any thermal expansion.

B. Panel

3. support: is the structural component of the walking surface and bears the loads trnsmitted by the porcelain stoneware slabs distributing it to the underlaying structure. It can be made of materials having different mechanical resistance values and fire behaviours to be determined depending on the project requirements.

4. edging: designed in such a way as to facilitate assembly of the panels during installation and it has the function of protecting the sides of the panels as well as that of determining one of the points of contact and of transmission of the horizontal stresses between the panels.

5. bottom finishing: it must protect the panel from moisture and, when required, improve its mechanical performance.

C. Structure

Gaskets: they ensure stability of the coupling between the structure and the panel, increasing the continuity of support.

Cross-section stringer: it provides the horizontal connection between the columns in order to obtain the required modularity, improving the stability and the distribution of loads on the structure.

Column: it supports the panels and trasmits the loads to the concrete slab. While determining the correct height of the raised floor, micrometric adjustment achieves absolute flatness of the supporting surface.

Structure of raised floors
  • Porcelain stoneware slab
  • Edgings of the slabs
  • Backing
  • Edging
  • Bottom finishing

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