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Raised Floors - Accessories



To complete the raised floor, Granitech offers a series of fundamental accessories to perfectly finish off the structure:

  • Suction cap for removing panels

  • Removable ventilation grid

  • Disappearing wire running pit

Exemples of holes:

Exemples of holes
  • circular hole diameter max 200 mm.

  • rectangular hole measurements max 300x300mm.

  • notches or slab edge and/or for cables and pipes passing through end slabs.

Welcome to Granitech

Granitech deals with design and installation of ventilated walls and raised floors. Using state-of-the art technologies Granitech develops top quality solutions for important projects in contemporary architecture.

Ventilated Facades

Ventilated walls are multi-layer construction solutions for "dry" cladding of outside walls, improving their aesthetic qualities, degree of protection and insulation.

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Floating Floors

A raised floor is a flooring systems designed to meet the different needs of working areas with high concentration of plant engineering systems.

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Definitions of terms and phrases commonly used in ventilated and raised applications.

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