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Raised Floors - Panels: Sizes and Finishing



The trade sizes of panels for raised floor have standard dimensions of 60x60 cm.
In addition to this standard size Granitech can also offer 60x40 cm and 60x120 cm sizes.
Thanks to great technological innovation, as of today we can also supply the format for the raised floor with panels of dimensions 75x75 cm.

Inside each 60x60 cm panel, it is possible to lay 60x60 cm or 30x30 cm slabs. It is also possible to create special layouts using sizes and listels with an overall modularity of 60x60 cm.

Inside the 60x120 cm panel it is possible to position slabs of 60x120 cm and in the 60x40 cm panel, slabs of 60x40 cm can be positioned.
Inside each panel it is possible tolay one slab of 60x60 cm, 60x40 cm or 60x120 cm or several slabs of 60x30 cm or 30x30 cm.
It is also possible to create layouts with slabs of various sizes and colours, assembled in such a way as to create a wide range of designs. Granitech gives you the possibility to use slabs with a variety of sizes and different finishes (pre-polished, polished, bright-polished, semi-glossy, matt, textured, flamed) that can be assembled together, enabling maximum design flexibility.

These can be laid in such a way as to create "herringbone", "straight forward", "brick bond" and "diagonal" layouts. The feasibility of the composition must however be verified for each single project.

The following panel types are available:

  • homogeneous calcium sulphate panel

  • high-density wood conglomerate panel

Many more panel types are available on request.
Panel bahaviour when subject to loads, fire behaviour, stability and low level of water absorption represent the main parameters for determining the best panel.
The best performance is definitely given by panels made with a calcium sulphate support. Nevertheless wood conglomerate panels fully meet the specific requirements of certain types of projects.

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