As for interior raised floors, exterior raised floors consist of 20mm thick porcelain tiles laid directly onto a substructure system comprising polypropylene supports.

Supports for exterior floors comprise two types: fixed height or height-adjustable. A finished floor level height can be achieved ranging between a minimum 2.5cm and maximum 40cm. With fixed-height supports minimal adjustment can be achieved by inserting overlapping spacers. The height-adjustable support consists of a base and threaded head with an upright inserted in the base to achieve the required height. Leveling of the finished surface is ensured by adjusting the ring nut to compensate for subsurface unevenness of up to 5%.

Granitech exterior raised floor supports for both the fixed and self-leveling options are unique due to a special converter on the base which allows complete adjustment of height and slope.

The bases of Granitech supports are reinforced and by means of 12 weight distribution chambers achieve a load-bearing capacity of > 1800 kg. They are also pre-cut for installation at edges, and in corners and tight spaces. In addition, its special shape is specifically designed not to damage underlying surfaces.

The tiles, which are laid directly on the above structure, are 20mm thick. For this system we strongly recommend a fiberglass mesh is bonded to the back especially for heights greater than 10cm.

GHT OUTSIDE – exterior floor system 20mm thickness


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