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Ventilated wall system can be divided into two groups according to the type of anchoring of the porcelain stoneware slabs to be used:

  • GHV with exposed anchoring

  • GHS with concealed anchoring

In building terms, the main difference between the two groups consists, apart fromm the method of anchoring the slab to the structure, in using for the GHS system an horizontal frame of crosspieces, which are arranged between upright profiles and anchored fittings.
Brackets, upright profiles and crosspieces of different shapes and sizes can be used in each group according to the modularity of the increasing slabs and the specific wind loads.

In the GHV system with exposed anchoring, the vertical upright profiles anchored to the brackets are fixed at intervals depending on the sizes of the slabs and the joints. Alignment of these profiles is the most critical part of the system for achieving a flat straight wall.
Generally the "layout" of the fa├žade has continuous vertical joints, even though the joints can be purposely misaligned to give the classical brick bond pattern.
The horizontal frame intersecting with vertical upright profiles, in the case of GHS concealed anchoring system, enables "layouts" with vertical misaligned joints, which, thanks to continuous crosspieces, helps when laying slabs horizontally.

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Download all the datasheets of the anchoring systems in PDF format, for printing and viewing them offline:
- Code GHV - Horizontal Section
- Code GHV - Vertical Section
- Code GHS - Horizontal Section
- Code GHS - Vertical Section

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