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Granitech has installation teams made up of selected tile layers.
Site installation managers and design technicians regularly meat in headquarters for updates on laying methods or new installation equipment.
This ensures that each member's experience is spread rapidly throughout the organisation increasing the common body of knowledge.
There are also regular up-datings on GranitiFiandre products and their correct use.
The in depth knowledge of these teams regarding the "ventilated facade" system is the ideal complement to customer service.
Granitech always provides technical consultation and assistance on site.


Implementation is obviously preceded by the design stage and consists of material supply, shipment and installation and can be summarised as follows:

  • Supply: definition of the type and modularity of the tile to be used, the type of structure required and the joint sizes, followed by the reservation of a batch of porcelain floor tiles of suitable work size. Any necessary netting, cutting and/or drilling operations are carried out at this stage.
    The insulating material, load-bearing structure components and accessories are also ordered to ensure correct and immediate delivery of all the material, or simply material batches to fire site.

  • Shipment: the above materials are checked and then packed into pallets, crates or other containers before being loaded onto lorries or containers for transport to the site.
    Depending on the size of the job, installation timings and site logistics, the material may be delivered in one or more batches to avoid an accumulation of material on the site end in accordance with the installation sequence previously agreed between the customer and the installation managers.
    The customer is responsible for unloading and positioning the materials, using approved hoisting equipments, in predefined areas, this avoids having to move the material twice.

  • Site preparation: the customer is responsible for pro and other site facilities for both moving the material and giving team access to all the surfaces to be covered. The installation its own equipment (cutters, drills, riveting machines, etc) requirements and safely standards.

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