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Ventilated Facades - Sizes and Finishes


Technical porcelain tile is the most suitable materials for ventilated facades using the Granitech System.
They meet in fact necessary requisites of durability in time of the wall combining a nice appearance with high level technical specification.
They maintain the colourways and individuality of veining of the finest quarry materials and their technical and performance characteristics remain unaltered over time, thus avoiding the need for frequent maintenance.

Advanced technology means that large size slabs can be manufactured: 60x30 - 30x60 - 66,6x33,3 - 33,3x66,6 - 60x60 - 90x45 - 45x90 - 75x75 - 120x30 - 30x120 - 120x60 - 60x120 - 150x75 - 75x150 - 75x37,5 cm giving maximum availability for architectural solutions and contributing greatly to cost savings.
The surface finishes available are polished, pre-polished, bright-polished, semi-bright polished, matt, textured and flamed.
Elements from the different collections can be matched and mixed together in complete creative freedom and pieces can be cut to measure on request.
In performance terms, the main characteristics of porcelain tile are:

  • High bending strength, always greater than 55 N/mm (in compliance with ISO 10545.4);

  • Average level of water absorption of 0.04% (in compliance with ISO 10545.3), therefore resistant to the elements;

  • They are frostproof, so do not present problems when exposed to very low temperature (ISO 10545.12);

  • Unalterable when exposed to sun rays (in compliance with DIN 51094);

  • Resistant to aggression by acids (in compliance with ISO 10545.14) presenting no damage or alterations either chemical or in appearance, even though exposed to atmospheres with a high level of pollution or salt.

Sizes and textile mills  
  • Straight forward layout
  • Brick bond layout

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