Building Information Modelling

BIM stands for "Building Information Modelling" and represents a new way of designing that integrates in a coordinated way, throughout the life cycle of a building (planning, design, construction, management and maintenance) data, technical information and various documents available for each of its part or element.

BIM is therefore a process that takes the form of a digital representation that contains the physical and functional characteristics of a building and helps to plan, control and verify the design and construction phases, reducing errors and possible interferences during the execution and allowing a better management of the building, through the digital model obtained with BIM software.

The BIM design process allows the integrated and coordinated work, on the same model, of all the actors involved in the design and construction of the work, including the manufacturer of elements, objects, materials and components for architecture who contribute with their BIM products (so called PBIM) to the model, accurate in all its part.

To facilitate the work of designers and professionals engaged in design every day, Granitech makes its main facade systems available for the use in BIM processes.

In the links below you can download, with just one click, our complete libraries with all available systems (GHS, GHV, GHL, GHS Maxi) in .rvt and .ifc formats, including technical documentation to support you in using our BIM files.

Download them immediately and use them in your project!


BIM Granitech Ventilated systems (Language: Italian; Metric system) Request
BIM Granitech Ventilated systems (Language: English; Metric system) Request
BIM Granitech Ventilated systems (Language: English; Imperial system) Request

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