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Granitech is the Iris Ceramica Group technical division brand. Located in Sassuolo, the industrial group was founded in 1961 and is now established as one of the global market leaders for the design, manufacture and distribution of high quality ceramic products for the variest architectural projects.

Since 2000 Granitech has provided a tailor-made “turnkey” service to the construction industry for the design and completion of advanced technological solutions.

Granitech aims to be the single point of contact and direct consultant for marketing and installing dry lay porcelain tile systems for ventilated facades and raised floors, together with innovative design solutions.

New, continually changing technologies, advantages in flexibility long-term and the image of contemporary architecture increasingly point designers in the direction of these applications.

Our team of experts is available to guide designers, companies and end users every step of the way with ongoing support to guarantee an excellent end result.

From Design to Completion

Granitech and its working group transform the designer’s ideas into concrete construction solutions, taking all aspects into account and overseeing the various phases. From design through to on-site testing and project completion requires teamwork, particularly when it is technologically advanced and innovative.
Granitech installation teams consist of specially selected installers. Periodically, permanent on-site installation managers and technical developers meet at company headquarters to bring themselves up to date on methods and equipment. This enables the rapid diffusion of expertise to consolidate shared understanding.
Updates also include cladding products and their correct use. In-depth knowledge of the system means these teams are ideally suited to providing the on-site technical advice and support services that Granitech offers its clients.
All this involves fully considering workplace safety issues. Through meticulous analysis and management of construction site documentation and ongoing liaison with other professionals responsible for ensuring safe working conditions, together with regular on-site checks, any circumstances or issues which could create hazards and cause injury or damage to people or things are promptly identified and eliminated.

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