ATTRACT is the innovative, sustainable dry magnetic laying system for the slabs of the Brands of Iris Ceramica Group, guaranteed by Granitech.
Licensed by MagFace

Quickly and simply, the slabs are laid without the need for glue, and can be removed extremely easily at any time.

Attract is a modular system consisting of ceramic slabs that are made magnetic, which are delivered to the site ready to be laid to create continuous floors or walls without the use of glues or supporting structures.

Easy to lay. Easy to live.

The anti-fracture magnetic base

The magnetic base is applied to the surface to cover, also acting as an anti-fracture membrane, using double-sided adhesive strip or metal staples, depending on the material the surface is made from.

The magnetic ceramic slab

Following the provisions of the patent, Granitech assembles the special magnetic mat and adds a self-extinguishing, anti-creak edge.

Checking the surface
before laying

Before laying, the suitability of the surface to cover must be checked, as the Attract system must be used on a perfectly flat surface, or in any case with a maximum deviation of 1 mm over a one-metre length. Granitech provides all the instructions necessary for correctly checking the surface.

Overcoming imperfections
to create drive-over surfaces

When the surfaces are not in perfect condition or are used for vehicle traffic, a support can be laid between the flooring and the magnetic system that absorbs deviations of up to 5 mm, giving the flooring the mechanical strength it needs for drive-over purposes.


Attract has huge potential for flexibility and versatility in all retrofits.

  • Temporary spaces, display corners
  • Trade fairs and events
  • Buildings to be refurbished with no permanent modifications
  • Showrooms and shops
  • Residential spaces
  • Offices and work places


Zero Waste Every single component in the Attract system can be separated from the others and treated individually, also for reuse or disposal.
Removable, adaptable, reusable. The magnetic base can be reused endlessly, cut and reassembled without losing its magnetic properties.
Safe. It contains no hazardous substances, heavy metals, VOCs, and is inert.
Practical. The Attract system can easily be inspected, once the ceramic surfaces have been laid they can be removed using suction cups.


Preliminary surface checks
If the surface meets the flatness standards (1 mm over 1 m) it is possible to proceed with laying, otherwise an alternative solution using a suitable gap filler support will be proposed.
Applying the magnetic base
The double-sided adhesive strip and the magnetic base are applied, paying attention to position them correctly.
Laying the magnetic slab
The slabs are laid using suction cups and conventional laying and cutting tools.